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Our Services

Preventive Care for Your Pet

We want your pets to have healthy, happy and long lives. So we recommend yearly check ups–because we would rather try to prevent disease than to have to treat a seriously ill pet.  Regular exams can also help us spot problems early so they can be addressed quickly and with less expense. Regular check ups are also important because our pets age faster than we do–for them to miss one check up is like us missing five. No matter what your pet’s lifestyle, regular check ups will help make sure their lives are the best they can be.

A check up is about more than just getting shots. We want to evaluate your pet’s general health, provide the appropriate vaccinations and medications to protect your pet, and to check for any underlying problems that might cause your pet discomfort or future health problems. We will ask you about your pet’s lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, activity levels, medical history, and any current concerns so we can make sure to provide the specific care your pet needs. Your veterinarian will also examine your pet from nose to tail, checking the skin and hair coat, the condition of their legs, joints, and spine, ears, eyes, and their lymph nodes. They will check your pet’s mouth because dental disease can cause significant health issues. They will also palpate your pet’s abdomen to check for any irregularities.

We will request a fecal sample to screen for internal parasites because these parasites pose a health risk to your pet and to your family. We also recommend annual screening for tick borne diseases and heart worm for dogs. Your veterinarian will help you develop an appropriate vaccination program to meet your pet’s and your family’s needs.

Your Partner For Your Pet’s Health