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Digital Radiology

Radiographs or x-rays are a primary tool for our veterinarians for medical diagnosis. They are very useful for detecting a variety of problems such as arthritis, tumors, organ abnormalities, bladder and kidney stones, and bone damage. They are also used to help locate and identify foreign bodies that your dog or cat may have ingested. X-rays can also be used for routine wellness exams to establish baseline information with breeds that are prone to certain problems—for example, Dobermans often develop cardiac problems so routine chest x-rays help us track any changes to the shape or condition of their heart. We also use dental x-rays to help us find problem teeth that need attention and to help us identify damage below the gum line including tumors and abscesses.

One x-ray below is of a pitbull who was hit by a train (he is doing great!) and the other is from a cat dental.

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